Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We are only weeks away from one of the coolest weekends of the year April 27th and 28th. Our Girly/Burly retreat is a weekend for students to learn and experience what it means to be a Man or Woman following after God, while facing all the pressures and difficulties of everyday life, while having a blast being real men and women.

The Bible has so much to say on SEX and Purity and we want to help students see and understand what God tells us about being a guy and girl. We also realize that just like Paul said sometimes the things we know that are wrong are the hardest to say no too and the things that we know are right are the hardest to do. 1 Corinthians 6:18 says “The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord” Over this weekend we want to unpack what this looks like for a teenager today in Oklahoma.

            This year’s retreat is free! That’s right FREE! As long as you sign up by April 15th The reason why we wanted to make this weekend free is that we don’t want anything to keep students from coming. We really think this weekend is going to be that awesome and important to your life.
We are going to be spending the weekend at Camp Sooner in Pink, OK. The weekend will be filled with real practical advice on tons of topics from great speakers. There will also be Breakout Groups that will split students by gender and into MS and HS groups. Finally there will be Small Groups made up of 5 or 6 other people that you will spend the weekend talking through all the things that you have been seeing and learning.
In addition to all the great speakers and small groups there will also be tons of fun. Guys you will be experiencing some very Burly activities that will be more fun than I can describe and Girls you will be doing some super fun Girly activities. And of course, there will be some all-camp games where the Girls and Boys battle it out to prove who is the superior group.
All I ask you to do is two things. First trust us by signing up and coming to this retreat and second think about who you could invite to come with you. I especially want to encourage those of you who are in a dating relationship or interested in someone to invite them and make your desires and values clear in your relationship. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Name: Same Passion

      Two weeks ago we revealed our youth ministries new name for both the high school and middle school students. AMPLIFY STUDENT MINISTRIES! For a while now we have wanted our ministry to have a name that reflects the desire we have for our students and their passions. The word Amplify is defined as: Making larger, More Powerful or Increasing. This word encapsulates our vision statement, which is for students to Encourage Ownership and Inspire Change. We hope that our students will take ownership of their faith understanding who God is and His desires for their lives, while seeing incredible changes inspired by their new ownership and understanding. Yet, just taking ownership and inspiring change only goes so far if you are the only one who is aware or effected by these changes.

       When I first heard the word Amplify, I pictured a little guy with a soft voice trying to be heard over the crowd without luck. Then he pulled out a big megaphone and this booming voice exploded out of the megaphone and everyone stopped and listened. We want the Message of Christ to be amplified into the lives of our students, so they will learn to know their amazing God and grow in a relationship with Him. We also want them to be changed and go out and have the boldness to amplify that Message of Christ to others.

        We are learning that many students receive the Message of Christ and take ownership of their faith and it does begin to inspire change, a beautiful change, in their life. Yet many times it is a quiet/fearful change that few take notice of, so it is our desire to help students Amplify Christ in every aspect of their lives. 

        Please join us in praying that the name of Jesus Christ will be amplified in and through the lives of students here at MBC!